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Who We Are?

In the past decade, we have successfully trained and organized dozens of farmers and rural firms to systematically collect Mushrooms and Truffles in the region’s forests which eventually flourished into commercialization; Notrica was established to supply the evergrowing demand for Wild Mushrooms and Truffles on a business to business level.

At the moment, as the biggest Truffle exporter of the Middle East, we have acquired over one million hectares of land to cover our customers’ demands on naturally grown Truffles amounting to over forty tons each year. In Turkey as well as Eastern Europe, we oversee a similar structure collecting our inventory of Truffles and Wild Mushrooms such as Porcini, Chanterelles, Morels, etc.

At Notrica, we consistently strive to supply our clientele with modest prices without compromising the quality in the slightest way.